What’s the Best Fishing Kayak?

You are a serious fisherman. You want an easy way to get to where the fish hang out without having to deal with a large, noisy and smelly fishing boat. You want to be able to quickly get on the lake and start fishing. Obviously, a kayak is the best way to go. However, finding the best fishing kayak can be a difficult task. That’s why we developed the ultimate kayak guide – a one-stop, all-inclusive website to help you find the right kayak so you can catch the big one.

Ultimate Fishing Kayak Guide

Old Town 10-Feet Vapor Fishing KayakSit-In$4.6
Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak with PaddlesSit-On-Top$4.5
Perception Sport Pescador 12 KayakSit-On-Top$$4.8
Lifetime Sport Fisher KayakSit-On-Top$$4.4
Sevylor QuickPak Coverless KayakSit-On-Top$4.1
Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14 Fish and Dive PackageSit-On-Top$$$5.0
Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Fishing CanoeSit-In$4.5
Perception Sport Pescador 10 KayakSit-On-Top$4.4
KL Industries Sun Dolphin 10-Foot Fishing KayakSit-In$4.3
Lifetime Tandem Kayak with Back RestsSit-On-Top$$4.6

Types of Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks come in two different varieties: Sit On Top (SOT) or Sit In Kayak (SIK). Both types of kayaks are great for fishing but the kind that works best will depend on your personal preference. A SOT would be better for someone who enjoys fishing standing up or wants more freedom to move around. This type of kayak is the most popular for fishing.

The SIK allows you to store all your gear in a dry compartment in the middle of the kayak. This can be both good and bad. The compartment will prevent your gear from getting lost in the water; however, it can be difficult to get to your gear when you need it quickly. The main advantage of a SIK is that it will keep you dry and out of the water.


Advantages of Using a Fishing Kayak

Access to Public Water – There are many lakes available to the public but the shoreline is limited and fill up fast with other fisherman. The best way to claim a spot of your own is by taking a boat out on the lake, however, some places have restrictions on the types of boats allowed on the lake. A kayak is the easiest way to get access to public water that other boats cannot.

Little Maintenance – Kayaks are very easy to maintain. Fishing boats need to have the engine maintained regularly with oil changes. You’ll also need to have plenty of gas with you to run the engine. What happens if it breaks down in the middle of the lake? That can be a huge hassle. Fishing kayaks don’t need anything to get from place to place except your own power. When you take a fishing boat out of the water, it has to be inspected for invasive species. The boats are often so big that this can take a long time. With a kayak, all you need to do is spray the kayak with some water to make sure there are no invasive species attached and put it in the back of your truck. You’ll be home with dinner in minutes.

Environmentally Friendly – The best thing about kayaks is that they will protect the environment that you love. They don’t use gas or produce harmful fumes. There are no engines to leak oil or disfigure animals living in the lake. Kayaks are quiet and won’t disturb people living on the lake or nearby campers. A kayak will not impact the environment whatsoever.

Top 5 Best Fishing Kayak Reviews

Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14 Fish and Dive Package SOT Kayak

The Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14 Fish and Dive Package Sit-On-Top Kayak is one of the more expensive models available, however it also gets the highest ratings and has the most features. It provides fishermen a convenient bait tank storage system and a patented casting platform.

Anglers will love the extra storage. The 3-hatch center deck and center live well storage area gives you plenty of space and organization for all of your bait and fishing gear. The front is loaded with a deluxe hinged Gator Hatch along with a bungee system and two rod holders. The cockpit area is extra wide and contains a foot track system and cup holder.

Other great features include a cup holder, drain plug, eyelets, nylon hooks, side carry handles, paddle holders and bow/stern handles. This kayak includes a lifetime warranty for years of fishing fun. If you are a serious fisherman, then the Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14 Fish and Dive Package Sit-On-Top Kayak is a great investment.

Perception Sport Pescador 12 Kayak

For something a little more affordable but still has plenty of features, check out the Perception Sport Pescador 12 Kayak. It is one of the most versatile SOT kayaks out there.

The multichine hull, broad shoulder and tracking keel allows for perfect stability, easy mobility and plenty of glide. The Perception Sport can hold any size paddler comfortably so you can spend hours on the water. The comfort carry handles, tankwell, bungee and paddle holders make the Perception Sport Pescador 12 Kayak a top rated product.

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak with Paddles and Backrests

If you enjoy fishing with friends, then the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak with Paddles and Backrests is a good choice. This kayak has room for up to three people and a tunnel hull design that makes it easy to stand up and fish without falling into the water. The seats are ergonomically designed with soft backrests that provide plenty of comfort for both solo fishermen or a group of three.

The Lifetime Sport Fisher owes its stability to it’s durable, UV-resistant chassis and well-designed hull which was built for extreme stability and good tracking. This kayak includes many fishing friendly features including a 6-inch rear storage hatch, shock-cord straps, scupper holes, four fishing pole holders and ditty trays. Other features include an adjustable footrest, molded front and rear handles, a lightweight frame, paddle clips and a rear molded paddle cradle. We highly recommend the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak with Paddles and Backrests for any family or group who want to enjoy a day of fishing together.

Old Town 10-Foot Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak

Old Town has been manufacturing Native American style birch bark canoes since 1898. They first started designing kayaks in 1940 out of a durable wood and, later, a lightweight fiberglass.

Today, Old Town uses the lightest, most durable materials to manufacture their kayaks and that is true with the Old Town 10-Foot Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing Kayak.This kayak contains a three-layer polyethylene and was created using Superlinear technologies. It has an adjustable comfort flex seat, molded cockpit with a cup holder, thigh pads, adjustable foot braces, molded paddle rest, drain plug, built-in carry handles and a stern day well. This is one of the highest rated SIK fishing kayaks on the market.

Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler SOT Flatwater Fishing Kayak

The Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler SOT Flatwater Fishing Kayak was designed with fishing in mind and is equipped with plenty of equipment for serious anglers. The combination of stability and performance along with plenty of storage space will keep you properly organized with everything you need within reach. It is the perfect floating device for all types of water.

This kayak has plenty of features including a sliding footbrace, an anchor trolley system, a pilot rudder system, a front hatch with cover, an integrated molded-in cup holder, 2 paddle rests, two 4-inch deck plates, three rod holders, two carrying handles and a drainplug. If you are looking for the best fishing kayak with a ton of features, then take a closer look at the Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler SOT Flatwater Fishing Kayak.