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Pros: Sea Eagle kayaks are incredibly durable and lightweight. They are easy to store and can be inflated with the included pump in minutes. These kayaks are priced to be affordable with most of their kayaks selling for under $500.
Cons: The main problem with these kayaks is space. They are small and it may be hard to fit in a larger person. The tandem versions cannot hold two people comfortably. Speaking of comfort, it can be difficult to keep the seats inflated which make them uncomfortable.

Sea Eagle has been manufacturing inflatable kayaks and boats since 1968. They are known for their superior materials and high quality that make Sea Eagle kayaks perfect for fishing, camping, rafting and a variety of other outdoor sports.

Sea Eagle Kayak Reviews

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak Review

The Sea Eagle 330 inflatable tandem kayak is built to be an easy option – easy to store, easy to transport, easy to inflate, easy to paddle and easy to afford. It is made from a durable, puncture-resistant, ultra-thick polykrylar material that is lightweight, yet durable enough to carry up to 500 lbs.

This kayak can stand up to just about anything, including Class III whitewater rapids. It is built with nine-inch tubes, an I-bean construction and welded seams. When you purchase the Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak, you’ll receive sprayskirts, two inflatable seats, two oars, a foot pump and a carrying bag.

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Review

Zip down the river or glide across a lake with ease in the Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak. It is lightweight at only 26 pounds but can carry up to 500 pounds of weight. It can be transported easily to your favorite kayaking spot and can hold two adults with gear. If you don’t have a paddling partner, a dog can come along in the extra seat. The plastic hull can withstand animal claws and is puncture resistant.

The SE370 can deflate into a small, compact size that can fit into the included storage bag. When inflated, the kayak has plenty of space for camping gear or fishing essentials. In fact, this kayak is perfect for all sorts of outdoor sports including paddling, fishing, yacht tending, whitewater rafting or diving. It can even handle whitewater up to class III. When you purchase the Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak, you will be getting extra stability, inflatable spray skirts, removable seats, rope handles and a self-bailing drain valve.

Sea Eagle 420X Explorer Kayak Review

The Sea Eagle 420X Explorer Kayak is one of the toughest kayaks around. It can handle anything you throw at it. This huge boat can hold up to three people weighing 855 pounds combined and allows you to fly down Class IV rapids, find hidden camping areas and secret fishing spots. The best thing about this kayak is that it deflates and stores conveniently in a carrying bag so you can easily throw it in the back seat of a car or carry it onto a plane. Unlike typical kayaks, the 420X contains four extra large drains that allow you to keep the inside of the kayak dry. You can choose to keep the drains open during rafting or closed while drifting in calm water. Even if the kayak is filled with water, it will still float.

The Explorer is constructed with the highest quality materials available. It is made from a 1,000-denier, polyester, high-pressure fabric that contains welded seams that will never leak. The hull is sturdy and stable. It takes a lot of force to knock over this kayak. Other features include a bow and stern spray skirt, water-deflecting guards, two inflatable seats, two 8-foot paddles, an inflatable pump and tie-down handles.

Sea Eagle Fast Track 2 Person Kayak Review

The Sea Eagle Fast Track 2 Person Kayak is a NMMA Certified inflatable kayak that contains many great features that you’ll come to love and appreciate. It has 6 D-rings that will secure the seats for either one or two person. The bow and stern grab handles make the kayak easy to transport while the front and rear spray skirts will keep you dry. This yak will deflate to a small, compact size for easy storage.

The hull is composed of sun, saltwater and puncture resistant plastic. A separate inner high pressure drop stitch floor allows for a rigid structure while the outside keel allows for true tracking. The Fast Track contains a removable skeg that works to improve speed and allow optimal control. When you purchase the Sea Eagle Fast Track Pro Package, you’ll receive upgraded seats and paddles, a waterproof storage bag and bow and stern storage bags. Overall, this is a great value kayak that should be considered by anyone looking for a 2-person tandem.

Sea Eagle 435 Paddle Ski Catamaran Kayak Review

Get rid of boring, traditional kayaks and open yourself to new outdoor adventures with the Sea Eagle 435 Paddle Ski Catamaran Kayak. Ordinary kayaks are tippy, unstable and difficult to transport. This kayak eliminates all that hassle. The 435 Paddle Ski Catamaran contains two evenly spaced inflatable tubes that cut into the water to deliver a stable boating experience. They also help to reduce the drag and increase the speed. If you really want to increase the speed, you can add an optional motor for quick trips across the lake.

Other features include a sailing rig, a full rowing frame, swivel seats and two built-in rod holders. The Sea Eagle 435 Paddle Ski Catamaran Kayak is a 5-in1 inflatable that is one of the most versatile yaks on the market. The pro package includes two paddles, two seats, a foot pump and a storage bag.