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Pros: Malibu Kayaks have the latest technology and newest features. Their kayaks offer the most stability and highest durability out of any kayak on the market. A lifetime warranty is standard with their kayaks and they will help you out even if you destroy the kayak yourself. It doesn’t get much better than that.
Cons: Their kayaks are usually priced higher than other kayaks. Some people complain that their kayaks are slow but it is a tradeoff for the good stability and long-lasting durability.

Malibu Kayaks have been designing high quality kayaks for both fishermen and sports enthusiasts since 1999. They are highly recommended by recreational paddlers, anglers, scuba divers and surfers. All Malibu Kayaks are made with the user in mind and are designed for durability, versatility and stability. They have a variety of specialized models including the Pro Explorer, Pro 2 Tandem, X-Factor and Mini-X.

The Mini-X series is unique just by the fact that no other manufacturer makes a mini kayak with this much performance and weight capacity. When Malibu Kayaks added the Stealth series to the lineup, they quickly became the number one seller in kayaks around the world.

In 2010, Malibu Kayaks began to branch out into other niche markets. The Sierra 10 hit the market later that year with the first SIK with SOT characteristics. The kayaks in this newly designed series also included a scuppered rear. Malibu Kayaks continue to come out with new designs and, even this year they have come out with a new series of kayaks. They are designing a line of winter kayaks due to be released sometime in 2014.

Mini-X Series Review

Providing amazing stability in a lightweight design, the Malibu Kayaks Mini-X series is the best diving and fishing kayak on the market. It comes in three different classes – standard, recreational and fish & dive. The Mini-X is ideal for kayakers of all skill levels and is a great choice for a variety of water sports including scuba diving, surfing, paddling and fishing.

The kayaks in the Mini-X series contain a large center hatch that gives the paddler a large, comfortable and dry seating area with molded, adjustable footrests, a built-in cup holder, two paddle holders and 2 deluxe carry handles. The rear contains a spacious tank well area with a 5-gallon bait tank, file crate and more. Whether you are just out enjoying the lake or are taking in water sports such as fishing, scuba diving or surfing, you will enjoy the stability, durability and ease of use of the Mini-X. Malibu Kayaks provides a limited lifetime warranty on all of their kayaks so you can enjoy your new Mini-X for many years to come.

Our Favorite: Malibu Kayaks Mini-X Recreational Sit-On-Top Kayak

3.4 Recreational Review

Designed for speed, versatility and fast maneuvering, The Malibu Kayaks 3.4 Recreational Kayak features a sleek design with unique “Foil Rails” that make this kayak the perfect choice for surfing and recreational paddling. It can surf effortlessly without tipping over.

The 3.4 Recreational was built for smaller paddlers, surfers and fitness geeks. The ease of maneuverability comes from the proven hull design and low windage.

Other features included with the 3.4 Recreational Kayak are molded, adjustable footrests, a built-in cup holder, water resistant storage hatch that can keep wallets, hats and sunglasses safe and a maximum load of 230 pounds. If you enjoy water sports such as surfing and paddling, then consider the Malibu Kayaks 3.4 Recreational Kayak.

Our Favorite: Malibu Kayaks 3.4 Recreation Package Sit On Top Kayak

Pro 2 Tandem Series Review

For a great tandem kayak, you’ll want to look at the Pro 2 Tandem series. The Pro-2 Tandem Kayak from Malibu Kayaks is the best two-seater standard, recreational and fish & dive kayak on the market. It is designed to take on lakes, oceans and rivers and is highly stable, has great maneuverability and is extremely comfortable. It is built with a lightweight design that works well for one or two paddlers. Paddlers of all skill levels will enjoy this yak.

The Pro 2 is equipped with dry seating and molded foot wells. The fish and dive version of the Pro 2 includes a 8-inch round rear hatch and bucket along with 6 fishing rod holders. Other features include a front dive well, a drain plug, nylon hooks, front and rear carrying handles and a molded insert for a trolling motor. The Pro 2 Tandem series contain everything you need for a day out on the water.

Our Favorite: Malibu Kayaks Pro 2 Tandem Fish and Dive Sit On Top Kayak

X-13 Series Review

The X-13 Kayaks are the highest rated cross-performance recreational and fishing & diving kayaks. This series of kayaks provides plenty of storage for camping trips or fishing adventures along with the right combination of stability and speed.

A large Gator Hatch is located in the bow along with a bungee system and live well open rear well which will allow you to store all of your gear including a cooler. The cockpit area is spacious and contains a comfortable and dry seat, an adjustable foot rest and a built-in cup holder. The X-13 is loaded with other features including a drain plug, nylon hooks, carry handles and paddle holders.

Our Favorite: Malibu Kayaks X-13 Recreation Package Sit On Top Kayak

Sierra-10 Review

The Sierra-10 is Malibu Kayaks best fishing yak. It can carry up to 325 pounds of people and gear and contains a spacious rear storage well that can hold a 5 gallon bait bucket or a large cooler. The rear also has a bungee system with nylon hooks and a rod holder.

The front of the kayak includes a storage area and bungee system that can hold the rest of your gear. The extra large cockpit includes a paddle holder, adjustable foot rests, a cup holder, an ergonomic Apex seat and arm and leg rests. The Sierra-10 Kayaks will get you to where you want to go so you can catch the biggest fish of them all.

Our Favorite: Malibu Kayaks Sierra 10 Pro Series Fish and Dive Sit Inside Kayak

Stealth Series – 9, 12, 14 Review

Malibu Kayaks main fish and dive series of kayaks is called the Stealth series. The Stealth-9, Stealth-12 and Stealth-14 kayaks are the ultimate floating device for fishermen. It provides anglers with a convenient mid-ship bait tank storage system and offers plenty of stability and performance on the water.

Fishermen will appreciate all the storage space including a 3-hatch center deck, bungee system and rod holders. The large cockpit contains a casting platform and live well storage area along with a comfortable seat and adjustable foot track system. A 45-degree hatch with bag, 2 rod holders and bungee system are located in the rear. The Stealth series provides fishermen with plenty of features to create a memorable fishing trip this summer.

Our Favorite: Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14 Fish and Dive Sit On Top Kayak