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Pros: Crescent Kayaks are made from a durable, strong polyethylene. They are roomy, feature plenty of storage and are priced to be affordable.
Cons: Crescent Kayaks are often heavy and hard to transport, especially their tandem kayaks.

Crescent Kayaks manufacture some of the best flat water kayaks on the market. Their ocean kayaks are a great value. They work hard to ensure their customers receive the top products for the best price. Their motto is “The World’s Best Kayak Value!” There are four different models of Crescent Kayaks that cover single kayaks, double kayaks, fishing kayaks and paddling kayaks.

Crescent Kayak Reviews

Splash 1 Kayak Review

The Splash 1 Kayak was designed by Olympian Bob McDonough but you don’t need to by an Olympian to use it. It was made to be a fun boat for everyone. It works great in all types of water such as oceans, lakes and bays.

Splash kayaks include full length keels for straight and true tracking which makes it easier to stay on path for longer trips. They are made from a durable polyethylene plastic which is molded for strength. Other features include a deck plate with ditty bag, a self draining seat and 4 scupper drains.

Splash II Kayak Review

The Splash II Kayak is one of the newest sit-on-top kayaks designed by Crescent Kayaks. It is similar to the Splash 1 Kayak and was designed by Olympian Bob McDonough but it is a tandem instead of a double. It was also designed to be fun on any body of water.

The Splash II Kayak features molded built-in cup holders, paddle holders, deck ringing, self-draining seats, self-draining cockpits and 2 large storage wells. This kayak comes in five different colors including yellow, green, blue, cranberry and gray.

Fisher Xtreme I Kayak Review

The Fisher Xtreme I Kayak is Crescent Kayak’s featured fishing kayak. It contains two interior rod holders located at the rear of the kayak. The exterior rod holders are adjustable with three locations for hands free fishing. Built-in paddle holders are also included. When you purchase the Fisher Extreme, you can expect to come home with the big catch.


Fisher Xtreme II Kayak Review

The Fisher Xtreme II tandem kayak provides plenty of room for two buddies to go fishing together. It contains four built-in interior rod holders and three paddle holders. You’ll be able to comfortably go fishing without using your hands. The rear storage area contains bungees for a cooler or tackle box. This kayak also features three cup holders, carrying handles and a dry storage hatch with ditty bag.