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Ocean Kayak was started in 1971 thanks to scuba diving. The founder wanted a separate place for his scuba gear in addition to a place for him to sit. The first kayak built was called the Scupper Classic. Word spread quickly about these amazing sit-on-top kayaks. Each year they come out with fun, new features such as a glass bottom to see underwater or a motorized SOT. Today, Ocean Kayaks are distributed all over the world. Below are reviews of some of their most popular yaks.

Ocean Kayak Reviews

Ocean Kayak Zest Two Expedition Tandem Kayak Review

Rated as one of the best SOT tandem kayaks on the market for recreation, the Ocean Kayak Zest Two Expedition is perfect for a day on the water or a weekend trek. It is manufactured out of a medium-density polyethylene material that is pretty much indestructible. Polyethylene is flexible, yet won’t crack or bend. The California tri-hull design provides a long center keel that allows the yak to track straight while paddling and coasting. This makes the Zest easy to steer and control on the waves even if you are a beginner paddler.

The unique sit-on-top design allows you to enter and exit the kayak without having to rock and roll. You can safely enjoy time on the water without having to know difficult exit procedures. The Ocean Kayak Zest Two Expedition Tandem Kayak has everything you need for a fun day of paddling including built-in cup holders, a tank well for storage, molded-in seat wells and self-bailing drain holes.

Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra Review

The Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra Angler was designed by a group of dedicated professional kayak anglers. The design was based on the success of the Prowler kayak series and it was loaded with features that anglers demand. The ultra is larger in the bow to keep the paddler dry. The rocker will improve performance in the ocean while the tail fin aids in tracking.

The design is also conductive towards higher speed so you can cover long distances at a quicker pace. The Trident Ultra includes a rudder, comfortable seat and flush mounted rod holders as well as an extra-long rear storage well. Other features include paddle and tackle box holders, deck storage, transducer scupper, built-in carry handles and deck storage. The center hatch is waterproof to protect gear and keep your equipment dry. The Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra is an excellent fishing kayak that was designed by professionals for the ultimate fishing kayak experience.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Review

The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem is one of the most popular SOT tandems in the world. It is both stable and versatile with one or two paddlers. It can fit two adults, one adult and one child, one adult and one pet or one adult solo. It comes with two Comfort Plus seats, three molded built-in seat wells, gear straps, overlapping foot wells and carry handles. The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Kayak can be paddled solo from the center seat for ultimate versatility.


Ocean Kayak Trident 11 Review

The Ocean Kayak Trident 11 is a tried and true sit-on-top fishing kayak. For over a decade, fishermen have been using the Trident series kayaks to fish in places that were previously inaccessible. The Trident 11 is the most featured-pack fishing kayak unlike anything else on the market today. The performance hull slips quietly through the water and can slice through surf.

The deck was carefully designed to provide plenty of mounting and storage options for all of your fishing equipment, it even allows you to store your rods while seated. The large seat well allows you to stretch out your legs while paddling and fishing. The transducer-compatible scupper hole, battery bag, Pro Hatch with Cross Lock strap system, cockpit-accessibe Rod Pod, extra-large rear storage tanks and ergonomic carry handles make the Ocean Kayak Trident 11 the ultimate fishing kayak.

Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Kayak Review

The Torque Motorized Kayak by Ocean Kayak was crafted to replicate the powerful Trident Angler. It does this while blending all the features anglers are looking for on the water including a Minn Kota Maximizer trolling motor. The motor is engineered to be convenient and provide plenty of power for a true hands-free trolling option.

Unlike other trolling motors, the Torque motor contains a variable speed control that operates along a spectrum which makes it easy to find the perfect speed. The motor provides up to 33 pounds of thrust that is controlled using a control knob in the cockpit. The extra-large rudder allows for excellent handling and control. The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Kayak offers a dry, smooth ride that will allow you to waste no time getting to your favorite fishing spot so you can catch the big one.

Ocean Kayak Banzai Review

Fun on the water is the name of the game with the Ocean Kayak Banzai. This kayak was designed specifically for children.

The low-profile, sit-on-top kid-friendly seat allows kids to easily move around and get in and out without help from mom or dad. The innovative Tag-Along Tow system allows you to tow your kids around if they don’t want to paddle. The Ocean Kayak Banzai is the perfect kayak for children that are just beginning to learn how to kayak.


Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Review

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is one of the most popular angler kayaks on the water and provides plenty of performance and features. There are a ton of places to mount your fishing gear as well as places to store your equipment so it won’t get wet.

Other features include an oversized tank well with bungee, Transducer compatible scupper, molded-in cup holders, deck rigging, flush mount trolling rod holders and a large bow hatch with Cross Lock System.