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Review of Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Imagine escaping the bright lights and loud noises of the city and relaxing in the fresh air and quiet nature. You need a kayak to get to that bliss. Since 1985, Wilderness Systems has been manufacturing kayaks designed to transport you into the scenery you imagine. Wilderness

Ocean Kayak Review

Ocean Kayak Reviews Rated as one of the best SOT tandem kayaks on the market for recreation, the is perfect for a day on the water or a weekend trek. It is manufactured out of a medium-density polyethylene material that is pretty much indestructible. Polyethylene is flexible,

Kayaking Gear for Women

Kayaking is generally seen as a man’s sport but we all know that is a myth. Exploring the world of kayak as a women can be a fun adventure but knowing what gear is essential can be confusing, especially since most articles target men. We have compiled

Proper Kayak Maintenance

If you want to get the most use out of your kayak, you will need to spend some giving it a little TLC and maintenance. The best reason to take good care of your kayak is safety. Weather can change for the worse in literally minutes and

The Best Way to Transport Kayaks

Drifting down a gentle river in the summer breeze, exploring untouched wilderness, sea kayaking with dolphins – it’s easy to see why kayaking is such a popular sport. If you have been kayaking for a while, you will come across a big problem that all kayakers face:

Review of Crescent Kayaks

Crescent Kayaks manufacture some of the best flat water kayaks on the market. Their ocean kayaks are a great value. They work hard to ensure their customers receive the top products for the best price. Their motto is “The World’s Best Kayak Value!” There are four different

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak Review

Sea Eagle has been manufacturing inflatable kayaks and boats since 1968. They are known for their superior materials and high quality that make Sea Eagle kayaks perfect for fishing, camping, rafting and a variety of other outdoor sports. Sea Eagle Kayak Reviews The inflatable tandem kayak is

Review of Coleman Kayaks

Coleman began as a company that created lanterns to light up barns and farmhouses. The company has evolved over the past hundred years and Coleman products are now known for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, boating, fishing, swimming..pretty much any outdoor sport. Their brands of kayaks are recognizable

Hobie Kayak Review

In a small garage in the 1950’s, Hobie Alter was busy creating surfboards to sell to his friends and family. In the 1960’s, he started messing around with boats. He created sailboats and catamarans. His most famous catamaran was the Hobie Cat which revolutionized the industry. In

Pelican Kayak Review

Pelican International is a well known designer of kayaks and canoes. They have been in business for over 45 years delivering durable, high quality yaks at affordable prices. They are committed to technology, innovation and quality control. Pelican International has a goal of bringing quality products to